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If you've been around Internet marketing any length of time, you know that one of the EASIEST and FASTEST ways to make money online is with a "sales funnel"... 

But to create one on your own (especially one like this) takes a STAGGERING amount of work... 

 You'd need to hire experienced designers,

 You'd need to write great sales copy,

 You'd need to setup a members area,

 You'd need to create upgrade offers,

 You'd need to install and code scripts,

 And it doesn't stop there...

The list goes on and on!

Now clearly this isn't something you are going to want to undertake yourself.

So what if you didn't have to?

What if you could get all the benefits of having your own HIGH CONVERTING SALES FUNNEL WITHOUT doing ANY of the work?

Done for You Setup Direct Sales 100% Profits
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All Sales You Make Go Direct
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Keep 100% Of All The Profits You Generate Across The Entire Funnel + 100% On Rebills!

What I'm offering here is the "licensing rights" to the ClickBankProfit sales funnel which allows you to leverage my efforts and keep all the profits you generate across the entire funnel.

Since you just went through the sales funnel yourself, you know this is a high quality opportunity packed with loads of money making features.

As an 'Instant Reseller' you can practically "steal my funnel" and sell it as if it were your own without having to do any of the hard work I did to get it to where it is today.

Best of all it works in the same simple way as a "Basic PRO" membership, whereas you share your promotional link and earn commissions on upgrades...

But instead of getting 50% of the profits -- you get a WHOPPING 100% of all the profits you generate across the ENTIRE
sales funnel...

Which means you can make up to $348.50 PER CUSTOMER!

PLUS I'm giving you 
100% on all your RECURRING traffic program rebills (this is HUGE!)

And here's the best part...

We host all the pages and handle everything for you behind the scenes, even customer support!

So there's nothing for you to setup or install...

We're making this
instantly available to you!

This is your one time opportunity to finally have an award-winning sales funnel that earns you 100% of the profits you generate, without actually doing anything to get it...

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Instant Reseller Licensing Rights

 100% Profits on Every Upgrade Across the Entire Funnel

 All Sales Go Directly to You - Earn Up To $348.50 A Pop!

 100% Profits on All Your Recurring Traffic Program Rebills

 Nothing to Create, Setup, or Install - We Handle Everything

 Easy To Get Started - Works Like A Basic PRO Membership

 We Take Care Of All Member Support Requests For You

NOTICE: Check your WarriorPlus receipt for access to this upgrade. Your
receipt will be sent to the email address you used to purchase with.

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